• DuckDuckGo Reaches 10 Million Searches; Matt Cutts Retires From Google

    DuckDuckGo Reaches 10 Million Searches; Matt Cutts Retires From Google, and chooses to head up the US Digital Service. Plus, Google Home units arguing over which is human and which is robot, Google Killing off Google +, and an interesting Google patent - an extension on what they're doing with cars. Original Air Date: January 19, 2017
  • Cyber Bullying and the Wild Wild Web

    Frequent guest Jayne Hitchcock returns for the first time since CLBR #184 (June 3, 2015) to discuss her new book “Cyber Bullying and the Wild Wild Web.” J. A. Hitchcock is a nationally recognized cybercrime and cyberbullying expert who has helped pass laws related to online harassment in many states, including Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. As president of Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA, at http://www.haltabuse.org), J.A. helps victims of cyberstalking crimes fight back. She volunteers her time as a consultant on Internet crime cases for police departments worldwide, the U.S. Department of Justice Victims of Crime, and the National Center for Victims of Crime. Original Air Date: January 18, 2017
  • Strengthen Your Relationships, and Create a Healthier Life

    In Life in Life: Live Longer, Strengthen Your Relationships, and Create a Healthier Life: A Meditation Journal, Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, renowned holistic psychologist, guides you effortlessly into loving yourself through meditations that spark connection to your highest self. Byron talks to Laurie all about it. Original Air Date: January 18, 2017
  • Mobile Technology in Michigan

    ‎Peggy Anne Salz speaks with the Executive Director/CEO, Mobile Technology Assn of Michigan; Co-founder, Mobile Monday Michigan and the ‎Mobile Technology Association of Michigan. Plus, Shahab shares with his new role on the show with a new recurring segment called Hot Spot. Original Air Date: January 18, 2017
  • Basics of Board Meetings

    Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy discuss the Basics of Board Meetings. How to stay on top of them, how to control them and how to make the meetings most effective. They offer some top tips on planning around those attending and governance rules. Original Air Date: January 16, 2017

  • Relationship Marketing, Customer Nurturing and PPC

    David and Amber welcome Jeffrey Baum, the ‎Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing, an industry veteran who educates us on relationship marketing, customer nurturing and PPC. Jeff is a seasoned PPC advertising professional with Hanapin Marketing. He has a nine year track record of success in digital advertising. He has developed and implemented strategies to substantially grow revenue and profits for a variety of lead generation and e-commerce businesses. He has also been responsible and accountable for managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in PPC advertising spend per month. Jeff is a reacurring writer for Hanapin's blog, PPC Hero, and also manages Hanapin's RWE (Remote Work Environment) program. Original Air Date: January 14, 2017
  • Google Confirms Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty

    Google confirms​ rolling out the mobile intrusive interstitials penalty. This penalty only impacts intrusive interstitials that happen directly after going from a Google mobile search result to a specific page.​ Bad Content = Bad SEO.​ Though less is not more, more is not necessarily better. Ryan Shelley from Search Engine Land reports on Why SEO and Lousy content don’t mix. Original Air Date: January 12, 2017
  • 1-on1 with Jamie Birch of JEBCommerce (Ep.446)

    James Martell speaks 1-on1 with Jamie Birch, the founder and CEO of JEBCommerce. His extensive Internet marketing experience includes all facets of online marketing: email, paid search campaigns, customer retention programs, and much more. Original Air Date: January 12, 2017
  • How to Develop a New Site that is SEO Ready (Episode 282)

    Yahoo out, Altaba in, and the mobile interstitial penalty is rolling out. The bulk of the show, however, is focused on some key steps to creating a site that is ready for SEO. Original Air Date: January 12, 2017
  • The Makings of Inbound Content Marketing

    The Makings of Inbound Content Marketing as Tim Barsness welcomes Eric Baum. the CEO / Founder of Bluleadz Inbound Marketing. Bluleadz Inbound Marketing designs awesome websites and creates outstanding inbound marketing campaigns for clients. Original Air Date: January 10, 2017
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